.UK Domains

.uk, .co.uk, .org.uk

If you are a business based in the UK or trade in the UK, you can now register a domain ending with .UK. Absolutely anyone can go ahead and register a domain name today!

Generic Domains

.london, .tech, .florist, - anything!

It seemed like everything was running out and most of the best addresses had been taken. It was time consuming on finding the best of the best domain for your brand. Till now, we have over 1300 top level domain names available for you today.

Hosting Features

Enterprise solution, solid-infrastructure and friendly support!this stuff

cPanel Powered

Our web based control panel makes your day to day site management easy. The ability to perform instant creation (Wordpress or Joomla) in a simple click.

SSD disk drives

Our SSD Web Hosting plans load up your website 50 percent faster. SSD technology offers multiple benefits that are very important to website owners which offer increased reliabilty.

Intel Technology

All of our infrastructure is built on Intel Xeon processors. Delivering exceptional performance crossed with agility, exceptional performance and reliability across a range of work loads.

UK Datacenter

Our Datacenter is located within the heart of Europe's centre of global finance - London's Sqaure Mile. The center offers a capacity of (16,000 ft) of high quality, resilient and secure space.

24/7 Support

Our In-house engineers are ready to help you today, installing your web-apps, securing your services, over watching your network and keeping you updated is our main concern. We love doing what we do!

Instant setup

Your account is setup instantly upon payment approval. Point your domain to our required nameservers and you shall be good to go. You are welcomed to call us for any assistance needed.

Frequently asked questions

If something is unclear, feel free to ask us!

  • How fast are my domains activated?

    Once you have purchased your domain name with us, you will recieve a e-mail confirmation from us saying so. You can browse you're domain information and get started right away within your client area.

  • Transferring a Domain Name to Zweeko

    Before attempting a transfer, please ensure that you use the correct steps for your domain name extension as explained in the knowledgebase area within client area.

  • What is DNS?

    DNS Stands for Domain Name System. The function of a DNS is to translate domains names into an IP Address which computers can understand.

  • How can i setup my Nameservers?

    Once your Nameserver is active with Zweeko, you can easily log into your client area and update your nameserver records to point to your server easily.

  • DNS Propagation, what is it?

    "DNS Propagation" is a term to describe the update of information across the internet worldwide. Once you have pointed your nameservers, it can take upto 48 hours for the domain to go live on your server.

  • When can i register an expired Domain Name?

    A Domain name is not available for re-registration as soon as it expires. Most registrars allow a period of time which can be as long as two weeks or even upto a year for the registrant to renew the expired name.

  • Registering multiple Domain Names

    Registering more than one domain name is a great idea. Multiple domain names is great for building your business and creating a dymanic online identity.

  • What is a URL?

    A Uniform Resource Locator, is the address of an webpage or an internet website to you or your users can search on your internet browser to locate your webpage.

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